The Ultimate Programmer

I haven’t mentioned Ricky much in the blog, but I am today at his request. He solved the communication issues between the robot and the code (I actually never caught what the specific problem was)! Because of this great work we were able to practice shooting.



Here’s evidence of the concentrated programming effort.



Our practicing was also enabled by Cody, Michael, and Bri finishing up redoing the shooter axles on the prototype bot. We are now using custom machined rods with a key shaft. Before we had a simple all thread (with no key shaft) and the constant rotation of the gear wore the rod down in a really weird way that we didn’t even notice until taking apart.


Swerve is also progressing. Today I CNCed some of the side plates for the modules. I was able to do this with help from Stepan and Gene! They were able to monitor and maintain the machine while it was running.

Damian worked more on the Media & Technology Innovation Award by making some updates to the website. For example, check out our “Sponsors” page for a few little updates. Nothing major, but just things that give the website more completeness. Hopefully we can start working on the actual submission soon.

The other awards are also going well. Today most of the officers were interviewed for the Chairman’s video.



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