Wait, build season’s over?

So build season has ended, and we’ve bagged our robot.. but our work is far from complete.

On Wednesday, we discussed our options and goals for competition, and basically decided to do everything again :P. First, we need to complete our second robot by installing swerve modules on it. We’d also like to experiment a little with the shooter to see if we can achieve more power by moving the arms closer together, so we’re planning on trying that as well.


Of course all of this means Brian is back at the CNC which he is thrilled about XD. But he compensated by taking Damian to Chick-fil-a without Sneha for the third time :P.

Also, since competitions are quickly approaching (WOOOO), we have a lot to accomplish on the management end. After a stressful few days, we have our hotels, so no tents for the Ninjineers, thankfully. Pre-competition scouting is also underway, and we’re hoping to design a really user-friendly scouting sheet this year.

Ok, so lots of info, and more long hours! 😀


Today was super productive, with a lot of progress in all areas :). We’re only waiting on the CNC plates to complete the swerve modules for the second robot, so those should be done by Monday! Programming had a breakthrough with vision sensing by making a really simple adjustment- moving the lens. We created a form for pre-competition scouting and went through all of the Orlando teams to see what information we could gather. All of the robots look fantastic, and all I really want to do is sit around and watch reveal videos all day :D.


Damian was MVP today :P. Don’t he and Jonathan make fabulous goals? 😀

Finally, we had a really nice brainstorming session talking about different strategies to employ and how to use our strengths to our advantage. I’m honestly so so pumped for this season and can’t wait for Orlando Regional… I feel so prepared in every arena and can’t wait for a fantastic season!


I hope you enjoyed our reveal! We’re really proud of our robot and can’t thank all of you enough for all of your support and guidance along the way!



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