I want that banner…

Wow, we are just over one week away from our first competition of the year! Next Wednesday after school, we’ll be on our way to UCF for the Orlando Regional.

Although the robot has been bagged for a while now, we are still hard at work preparing for our competitions.

This week we finished the practice robot in order to practice. We have a new set of swerve, a better shooter, and an improved defensive pole. We hope to install some of this on the real robot once we get to competition.

This week we also submitted for the Media & Technology Innovation Award. Special thanks to Damian for his hard work on that. I’m really excited for that award, and I think we actually have a shot.

We have been practicing for a few days, and have run into some problems, but I’m trying to remain optimistic as we continue to prepare. This is our year, I can feel it. It’s time to really go big or go home. We’ll see you in Orlando. Follow along here for nightly recaps and on our Twitter (@team2383) for up-to-the-minute action.



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