Week 1 down!

And there goes 1/6th of our build season! Sounds pretty scary when you say it like that….

However, I might go so far as to say this past week has been our most productive first week since I joined (ever?), with tons of idea generation, prototyping, testing, and a design that will make it onto the final robot!

We’ve had awesome turnouts from all departments and a full and bustling lab, which is always fantastic to see. I am personally so glad to see the underclassmen diving in and getting their hands dirty (literally and figuratively), and we definitely have some budding new talent and leadership already beginning to reveal itself.

Now on to what we’ve actually done :).

Yesterday, we finally made a decision as to which direction we’d feed from and built a working stacker that will probably be the final one. We also made a preliminary base for testing and have begun perfecting the design based on initial problems during testing. We also blew the dust off of our mecanum wheels as the lack of defense and versatility of movement required make it an ideal drive train for Recycle Rush. We do not anticipate big problems with balance, but in case the mecanum cannot support the totes, we do have some back up plans. 🙂


Outreach and Management are finalizing sponsor information, t-shirt designs, and imagery plans, and are beginning work on awards essays. So begins a long season of revisions…. D:


Also, we had a bit too much fun with our entry for the FedEx weekly challenge, and enlisted quite a bit of labor to make dozens of paper airplanes… how many of them actually demonstrate Bernoulli’s Principle (read: fly) is a bit questionable. 😀


I’m not sure if it’s brainstorming, build, or just general high spirits but Recycle Rush is slowly starting to grow on me… 🙂


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