FIRST Challenge

  •  Pass exercise balls between teammates across the field
  • Catch the balls thrown over the center of the field
  • Score balls into two levels of goals at the end of the field.

Ninjineers' Solution

  • Wheeled Shooter/Feeder 
  • Catch Balls in Net
  • Circular Base with a Swerve Drive
  • Elevating Defensive Poles

Ninjineers' Results

FRC Orlando Regional

  • Rank 58 with a record of 2-8-0

FRC Virginia Regional

  • Finalists
  • Ranked 14 with a record of 10-6-0

FRC South Florida Regional

  • Quarter-Finalists
  • Ranked 14 with a record of 7-7-0
  • FIRST Dean's List Finalist Award (Mayuri Viswanathan)
  • Team Spirit Award sponsored by Chrysler

2014 Reveal Video