King Kong

FIRST Challenge

  • Shoot Frisbees into regular goals located at the ends of the field.
  • Climb up a three-rung pyramid, 90" tall, in the middle of the field
  • Frisbees scored in the 15-second autonomous period, counted as double the points.

Ninjineers' Solution

  • Shooting Frisbees into the 2- or 3- point goal
  • Climbing to the top level of the pyramid
  • Developing a system to shoot Frisbees into the top of the pyramid 

Ninjineers' Results

FRC Orlando Regional 

  • Quarter-Finalists
  • Rank 7 with a record of 8-4-0

FRC South Florida Regional 

  • Quarter-Finalists
  • Rank 9 with a record of 7-5-0
  • Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi

FRC World Championships 

  • Competed in Curie Division
  • Rank 55 with a record of 4-4-0