Team Mission

The mission of the American Heritage Engineering & Robotics Program is to inspire students through science, technology, engineering, and math. Our members learn fundamental concepts in these expanding fields as they solve real engineering problems and challenges. Our team also teaches students valuable skills in leadership, business, public relations, and information management.

Our competition team, the Ninjineers, competes in FIRST Robotic Competition, which offers a rewardings opportunity for high school students to solve engineering problems. Each year, FIRST releases a unique challenge that teams must solve using complex engineering principles. With only six weeks to design, prototype, and build our robot, our team must exhibit exceptional dedication and skill. Our team also exemplifies outstanding spirit and design, as shown in our recent awards in regional competitions.

Team Origin

In August of 2007, Team 2383 started as a small, fifteen member team with one mentor, limited to the confines of a bus garage at American Heritage School in Plantation, Florida. The club has grown beyond initial imagination; in the ten years, we have expanded to over 160 talented members and mentors from different fields. With our growing success, we moved out of the bus garage and into an engineering lab equipped with a CNC machine, two computer centers, over a hundred different kinds of tools and drills, state-of-the art hardware equipment, and three fully-functional 3D printers. Our efforts have attracted the attention of our school media department, such as the visual journalism, the morning announcements, and the school newspaper crews, all of whom create regular features on the Ninjineers. Our sponsorship repertoire has also dramatically expanded from two rookie sponsors to nine fully committed corporate sponsors, one of which is a billion-dollar company.

This transition was no easy feat, and only occurred through countless years of grueling toil and resourcefulness. When we first created the team, we were one club hidden in the shadows of over 100 other clubs at our school, making it very easy for us to be overlooked by both the students and the school itself. While at first, our team faced limited mentoring, funding, and experience, over the years, a collaborative effort among dedicated students, leaders, and support from the school helped us gain the members, sponsors, and the engineering expertise that allowed our team to reach its current, thriving state.

Please visit the "Our History" tab to see the incredible robots that we have built over the years.