The Safety division is responsible for the well-being of all robotics participants whether at competition or in the lab. They are responsible for developing protocols of operation in the lab, the creation of safety guidelines to reduce possibility of injuries, and must be able to assist fellow students in times of injury either in the lab or at competition. Safety members have a duty to spread safe practices to all in order to promote safe practices.

Safety is very important not only at competitions, but also every day in our workshop. FIRST requires that all teams have a Safety Captain. This individual is responsible for making sure safe practices are followed at all times. At least once a year, team safety captains must make a presentation to their team about safety (why it is important and what are the best practices). The Ninjineers hold safety workshops to ensure that everyone knows how to use the equipment in the lab, in addition to watching a safe practices video.

At competitions, UL safety advisors (in Red shirts and red-and-white vests) will be walking around the pits and the field to make sure all teams taking proper safety precautions. They will also ask you to talk about your team’s safety program. Here are some useful things to have on hand for your team’s safety interview.

Injury Log

One of the responsibilities of the safety captain is to keep track of all the injuries that happened throughout the build season. Be sure to document each incident (how it happened, how it was treated, why it happened, and how your team can prevent it in the future). Our team uses a Google Form to record injuries and that data can be viewed, on the linked Google Sheet, in real time.

Safety Manual

Each year, FIRST publishes an official safety manual.

Check out our Safety animation!