Stackie Chan

FIRST Challenge

  •  RECYLE RUSH(sm) is played by two alliances of three robots each. The robots manipulate totes, recycling containers, and pool noodles around the field. Points are scored for stacking totes on raised platforms. Additional points are awarded for recycling bins stacked on top, and pool noodles inside the bins.
  • In the 15-second autonomous mode, robots function without human control and try to get bonus points by moving yellow totes and recycling bins to the auto zone.
  • During the rest of the 2-minute and 15-second match, students drive the robots in order to score more points. Teams advance through the competition based on average match score.

Ninjineers' Solution

  • Human Station
  • 120 psi Air Tanks
  • 20 point Autonomous 
  • 3 "Perfect Stacks" of 6 Totes, 1 Can, and 1 Noodle

Ninjineers' Results

FRC South Florida Regional

  • Regional Winners 
  • Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers

FRC Orlando Regional

  • Regional Semi-Finalists

FRC Bayou Regional

  • Regional Semi-Finalists
  • Ranked First Seeded Team

FRC World Championships (St. Louis)

  • Archimedes Sub-Division Finalist

2015 Reveal Video